Zazzle review by Worden1

Create for all your needs at Zazzle!

Zazzle is a market place for Designers selling their art, Makers displaying customized products, and you may create your own products. Robert Beaver, Co-Founder and CEO, Jeff Beaver co-founded and Chief Product Officer of Zazzle. Robert founded Zazzle with his sons Bobby and Jeff. Bobby and Jeff engineered the whole amazing web site together.

Pros: Zazzle`s has a 50% discount on sales now! Plus, you will receive a 15% commission on all products when you refer customers that purchase. Make 15% being a Zazzle Affiliate!

Cons: 3 out of 5 stars, But I see a lot of comments with 5 stars? My research.

The products and supplies are priced in a range, from small to large products. Craft products are under $5 to $75. Example: Bumper stickers are priced at $3.95 ea. Custom gift bags at $8.50 each. Wooden gift tags are at $7.50 each. The Wine gift box are priced at $9.95 each, I was excited to see the wooden wine boxes. The wine boxes sure do add old country class to a gift. You will be able to personalize each item to fit your inspiration’s. These are priced on or at 10/04/2017. The prices are subject to change and have taxes and fees applied according to where and when customers make sales.

Here are some category pages on the web site. Nursery & Room Décor, Nursing and Feeding, Baby Boutique, Posters and Prints, Wall Treatments’ & Décor, Framed & Finished Art, and more…Abstract art, Fine art, Travel art, Quote art, and Vintage art.

Once you create your brand, you will be able to sell your crafts in Zazzle`s store or your own store. People are also are welcome to be an Affiliate for Zazzle.

I am so glad to find Zazzles, as an affiliate and creator. Being a work at home grandfather, I am grateful for Zazzles. I can sell my products, or create products at Zazzles, or bring my own hand made products to Zazzles to sell. Wow, Zazzles is the best place! Robert Beaver and his sons, Jeff and Bobby are supper entrepreneurs. I feel and see that Zazzle stands alone as a top market place for entrepreneurs and makers and artist. As well as the home crafts for the family. Click on the Zazzle banner below and have a look at Zazzle`s amazing  web site. Incredibly crafted!

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