About Worden!

Hello, I am Worden,

Glad to meet you! I have been an entrepreneur for most of my life. I just never seen the quality in myself until 1985. I graduated High School in Illinois, went to the USMC in 1973 to 1978, and started some home maintenance businesses in 1979.


Before, I started my business, I really just worked for people to gain knowledge. I wanted to fly airplanes, so I joined the Marine Corps. Got an certificate in Hydraulic and Pneumatic test and repair on an aviation level for air craft. I always wanted to build my own house, so I spent years working for different contractors. From: Carpenters, Foundation and basement builders, to brick layers, painters, siders, and roofers. Now I know how to build my own house.

Now for the past year, I have been looking at ways to be working from home. I learned that if you spend time on the internet social scene, you can follow people. This does help you determine who is good or is trying to scam you online. This happens a lot to begginners that start work from home business. It is hard to take a chance on some product, your trying to make money not give it away. I measure this in the education that I can obtain and people I meet online. The money will follow these two important things. The more educated and practice I receive from trustworthy entrepreneurs, that already have years of education in the work from home business, the more successful I will become.

I truly believe I am an entrepreneur,  I am retired, but still do home maintenance, help some elder Marines, and am raising my grandson. I like risks and hard work. Teaching my grandson, we are best of friends. So, most of the time he wants to help with projects.

I have been successful in going forward. Working from home is also a step by step process.  Just as life.

My advice is for beginners is to work hard and often. Fallow some one you see often and pick them as a mentor. They will teach and advise you on what not to do.Success will follow the two qualities. Stick to one thing, do not waist time and money trying different things. Success will not fallow. Build a business.

I am from Wisconsin, a Green Bay Packer fan!!!

Here is my work place now, at Wealthy Affiliate. Click here!

If you have any questions, please send me an email?

Thank you,

Worden Waukechon