how to manage time

Managing your time to build a new business is crucial to your profit line. The Quickest way to start a profit line will be determined on how much time you spend in training. The more training, the sooner success will come. Your time is valuable and your biggest asset to your business. As soon as you can get your time in control, you will see your business grow and profit. Time is all we really have.

For example; I turned 50 years old, in 2006. I had 2 hip replacements and was recovering from the second one. I thought, this is taking a lot of time. I felt really down, I couldn’t play with the grand children, I could not work, but I had to walk every day for a couple of miles for therapy. So, I went and signed up for college. In 2010 I graduated in Business Administration. I have good legs now to be a secretary. Lol.

After being out of school from 1978 to 2006 I had forgotten all my study habits.I was struggling to learn, I had to set aside more time for reading and writing. I had to practice focusing on what I was reading, review what I read, out loud to my self. Sometimes I would read for an hour, than realize, what was that about? I would have to start over and try to stay focused. Ask myself questions, did I get the main point?

We have to take that little guy inside our heads, that’s always talking to us, put him in a corner and forget about him. You know the one that is causing all the noise. Telling you about what happed to your friend or what you need to do next. Or has you thinking about where you want to be. Put him in a corner! Focus on what your reading, get the theme of your content. Stop him from wasting our time.

This takes time, so always remember to take time, and enough time to accomplish main points for a day, set a goal. “I what to do this and this today! Let everyone know you do not want to be disturbed. Build your future one second in a minute of time. Focus on the moment. You make the time. Do not let your self be run by a clock or someone else’s clock. You make the time! Do not let time make you unhappy. Stay focused on your main points and be sure to block out the noise. Let your time work for you.

After practicing this, you will accomplish things so fast and with the sharpeness of your focus you will be far ahead with your accomplishments. In this business, the time you spend in the beginning will make you chief at the end. You will be able to focus more of your time for family or your interest. The training will be done.

You can than take time to grow your business. So, focus on now, take the time to start.

Our time on earth is all we really have.